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Shogun Eagles
18th Fighter Wing

Afterburner Decals, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Afterburner Decals Item No. AD 48-063 - Shogun Eagles 18th Fighter Wing



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


US$20.00 Available from Afterburner Decals

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Comprehensive and printed to a high standard by Cartograf of Italy. Detailed instructions.


None noted.


The 18FW Eagles from Kadena with their Shogun tail art are a nice addition to the range of decals available for the Hasegawa kit.

Reviewed by Ken Bowes

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I first got up close and personal with an F-15 Eagle in the early 80s when PACAF dispatched a number to Australia for an Airshow at RAAF Base Amberley. This was the first of many times that I would run across Eagles from the 18th Fighter Wing at both airshows, exercises and most memorably during deployment to Prince Sultan Air Base in the period leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The presence of a detachment from the Fighting Cocks there sticks in my mind as I thought it somewhat odd to find a PACAF Eagle unit in the CENTAF AO (in hindsight not so unusual given the demands of 12 years of Operation Southern Watch). They also made a name for themselves there when their maintenance troops conducted the first wing change on an Eagle outside of a Depot, a credit to their professionalism. Whilst these jets are often a kit decal option in the boxes of Japanese manufacturers, Afterburner Decals has now seen fit to produce an extensive sheet covering this unit from 1991 to 2009, and high quality production it is too.


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Like many of Afterburner’s recent sheets, this release takes advantage of Cartograf’s ability to print large format sheets in perfect register to group another great set of subjects from Flagships to line jets. The sheet is sized to fit the Hasegawa F-15C kit, which whilst having some shortcomings, is still the best fighter F-15 kit available in 1/48 scale. The 13 options (covering 11 individual jets, two with kill markings) include:

  • AF85-0114 44FS CO’s jet 2009 (with two kill markings from Desert Storm when with the 33rd TFW)

  • AF84-0025 44FS CO’s jet 2008 (again two kill markings from Desert Storm when with the 36th TFW)

  • AF84-0114 again as a 44FS line jet 2008.

  • AF78-0516 44FS line jet 2006

  • AF78-0487 44FS line jet as deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base (PSAB) KSA for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003

  • AF85-0105 67FS CO’s jet 2009

  • AF85-0105 67FS CO’s jet 2008

  • AF81-0040 67FS CO’s jet 2007

  • AF83-0046 67FS line jet 2009

  • AF78-0492 67FS line jet 1997

  • AF78-0477 as the 5th Air Force Commanders jet in 2003

  • AF78-0518 18th TFW Wing CC’s jet in 1991

  • AF78-0544 44FS  CO’s jet in 1991

All subjects are in the later Mod-Eagle scheme with variations in tail codes, squadron badges and some limited zaps and nose art, all dealt with in options on the sheet. Afterburner also provides stenciling for two complete airframes as well as markings for six AIM-7M missiles to complement the AIM-9 and AIM-120 markings from their USAF weapons sheets.



Detailed instructions are covered in seven A4 pages and include a page of stencil placement diagrams, ordnance loadouts and diagrams for the camouflage scheme including useful notes on the controversial Bay 5 colours on the various jets. Overall this is another quality set of decals from Afterburner decals which cover a regular USAF unit that has otherwise received little aftermarket attention. A must for modelers of the F-15, with MiG killers and flag jets to complement the ordinary line jets of the 18th FW.

Thanks to Afterburner Decals for the sample

Review Copyright 2010 by Ken Bowes
This Page Created on 15 July, 2010
Last updated 15 July, 2010

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