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Fokker Eindecker
Weekend Edition

Eduard, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number: Eduard Kit No. 8418 -Fokker Eindecker “Weekend Edition” Kit
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Olive coloured plastic parts; photo-etched parts; markings for one aircraft.
Price: USD$19.95 plus shipping available online from Eduard's website
and specialist hobby retailers worldwide
Review Type: FirstLook

Well moulded parts with crisp detail; unblemished wings with sharp trailing edges; decals with a minimum of carrier film, and the inclusion of stencil data


Unnecessary portrayal of fuselage “tapes”.


“Weekend Edition” kits allow the modeller to build a subject quickly and easily. This is possible by leaving out the adornments that can potentially slow down less experienced builders. By supplying only the basic plastic items, the kit will still build into an excellent replica of the Eindecker and does so at a budget price.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

Eduard's 1/48 scale Eindecker Weekend Edition is available online from Squadron.com



Eduard‘s latest version of this famous fighter now appears in the popular “Weekend Edition” range. The idea is to provide the basic plastic parts for a “build” that can theoretically be completed in a couple of days.

The quality of the product is immediately apparent when one opens the box. Inside there are nearly 100 plastic parts which are contained on 3 tan coloured sprues. The windscreen comes courtesy of a clear transparency and a decal sheet is provided for a single option.


  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 Eindecker Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
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A lot of effort has gone into this kit and it’s most evident in the cockpit area. The large opening is a magnet for inquisitive eyes so it’s important that Eduard pack as much detail into this area as possible.

Fortunately they have, as nearly 30 items are devoted to the interior. Some deft painting will bring out the wire bracing and stitching detail, after which the separate structural framework can be added. With the addition of the floor, engine bulkhead and rear “fabric” screen, the interior is ready for some serious detailing.

Obviously items such as the seat, control column, and rudder bar are par for the course, but there is also a pressure pump, throttle, main fuel tank, ancillary engine parts, shock cords, and seat mounts.
Under the forward cowling is where the compartmented fuel/oil tank, ammo bins, switch panel, and other such details hide. When fitted over the cockpit, there is not a lot more that can be added. If you feel the need, an oil pulsator can also be fabricated as this is absent from the starboard side. Seat belts can be gleaned from an aftermarket source or simply fashioned from tape or foil.

The fit of these parts is excellent although care will be needed to make sure everything is lined up correctly at each stage of the building process. One slip early on will have ramifications down the line. Note that you may have to decrease the height of the rudder bar so that this area doesn’t interfere with the tubing on the firewall. Also be aware that the rear cockpit decking will need a little filler to make it fit correctly.

There is one unusual feature that can be found on the exterior of the fuselage. Eduard decided to portray raised “tapes” corresponding to the position of the interior’s structural tubing. These should not be present and period photographs confirm this.

The version of Eindecker that this boxing represents is the E.II. Respected authorities differ on the finer points of these aircraft so check your references carefully and make whatever changes, if any, you deem necessary to make.

Two sets of wing are included and these are to accommodate the different cowl cheeks. Both square and triangular versions are supplied, with each wing having the corresponding cut-out at the inboard leading edge.

Speaking of which, these flying surfaces are superbly moulded. The trailing edges are commendably thin and the rib tapes are represented as raised strips. None of the parts show any sign of deformity which is a commendable piece of engineering.

There are plenty of spare parts as both LMG 08/15 and Schwarzlose machine guns are present as well as Germania and Garuda airscrews. One thing that the cowling does miss though is the blast plate under the machine gun muzzle.

The undercarriage and struts are well in scale and have been moulded with as much of the final assembly in place as possible. This adds some strength to these delicate components and the softer plastic allows handling that would normally snap these items in the cleanup process.

The Eindecker’s rigging will be a challenge if one wants to replicate that seen on the original. For this task the modeller must rely on the boxtop as the instructions are devoid of any help. One can only assume that Eduard regard this undertaking as too time consuming for a “Weekend Edition” release.



As with all the releases in this series, markings are provided for a single aircraft. In this case it’s Fokker E.II 68/15, flown by Lt. Brückman in late 1915.



They are beautifully printed with all items in perfect register. The minimal carrier film is thin, yet strong enough to allow positional changes during application. An excellent selection of stencilling is also provided and this includes logos for the propeller and data plates.




These “Weekend Edition” don’t contain any photo-etched parts, resin, or multiple colour schemes. This allows them to be priced competitively compared to other releases. The result is a “no frills” kit that provides for a quick and simple build while still allowing the modeller to produce a quality result straight from the box.

The Fokker Eindecker is one of those iconic aircraft that deserves to be in any WWI aircraft collection.

Thanks to Eduard for the sample

Review Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 27 July, 2010
Last updated 27 July, 2010

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