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Scratch Built 1/32 scale
Lunar Module 5
LM5 – Eagle

by Ron Denning


Lunar Module 5 (LM5 – Eagle)


Encore's 1/32 scale Fokker Dr.I is available online from Squadron




This is a 1:32 scale scratch built model of LM5 (Eagle) from the Apollo 11 moon landing. I always wanted a LM to go with my 1:32 scale Command/Service module by Revell. Since I could not find a 1:32 scale LM model, I decided to build my own.

I scaled up the ever popular 1:48 Lunar module kit and started in.



The basic frame is 3/32”plastic bulkheads covered with a .020 thin plastic skin. The landing gear legs are tube plastic. The gear pads are plastic vessel ends. The thrusters are from another 1:32 scale service module kit. The foil covering is florist foil that is gold on one side and aluminum on the other. The descent engine nozzle is the main engine from a 1:48 scale service module. It was the perfect size. The ascent stage engine nozzle is the 1:48 scale LM descent engine nozzle. It too was the perfect size. The red/orange foil was developed from a red magic marker thinned with paint thinner. That gave it the translucent look of the real thing. The tape on the gear legs is scotch tape marked with a red marker. Again creating a translucent look of the real tape used. The US flag emblem and United States emblem on the descent stage are decals inlarged on a copier and applied to .010 plastic and glued to the foil.



Researching and building this piece of space exploration history was a great time. I still remember exactly what I was doing almost 42 years ago when Neal Armstrong stepped foot on the moon on July 20th,1969.

Model and Text Copyright 2011 by Ron Denning
Page Created 20 June, 2011
Last Updated 20 June, 2011

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