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F-16I SUFA, F-22A Raptor & ACES II

Aires Detail Sets, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue No & Description:

Aires Detail Sets:
7252 (F-16I SUFA Exhaust Nozzle for Kinetic)
7262 (F-16I SUFA Cockpit for Kinetic)
7260 (F-22A Raptor Cockpit for Fujimi)
7263 (F-22A Raptor Cockpit for Revell)
7261 (ACES II Ejection Seats Late Version)



Contents & Media

Varying quantities of resin & PE parts, and printed clear film HUD glass with cockpit sets (please refer to images).


Available on-line from these and other retailers (click on price to go to item):

Part No


















Review Type:

First Look


Excellent production quality and scale refinement.


A minor matter, but no colour call-outs.


Excellent enhancement sets for their intended kits. Typical of the very high quality we have come to expect of Aires.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The Aires range of multi-media detail sets is well established and I should think familiar to most modellers visiting Hyperscale. I must confess to being a bit of a fan, and have purchased several Aires sets. Aires were early players in the resin and multi-media detail game, and in my opinion is one of the producers consistently setting quality benchmarks.


The Sets

All of but one of the sets reviewed here come supplied in a plastic bubble pack with card header, which is thoughtfully designed with separate compartments fro resin and PE parts, the former having a foam cushion. T he ACES II seats come in a plastic bag attached to a card header.

Each set has clear diagrammatic assembly instructions, a parts map and a few written instructions in English & Czech. If I were to level a criticism it would perhaps be the absence of painting colour guides in the instructions. However most users would be relying on photographic references for such information.

I have an observation that I pitch as being neutral, but make it I light of my stating that Aires remains a market leader. It concerns the absence of pre-coloured PE in the sets being offered. I know that that there are those who love pre-coloured PE and others who hate it, which is why my position here is neutral (although personally I like it in my preferred scale, 1/72). It may be a case of Aires wanting to leave control of all PE painting in the modeller’s hands, or simply that they have not made the investment Eduard has in this area.

The sets reviewed here are all similar in execution and production quality, so little is to be gained by commenting at length on each. This really is a case of where a picture is worth a thousand words, although in a few cases I will add some anyway.

I will however note that Aires has produced no less than three different F-22 cockpit sets to suit the Fujimi, Revell and Academy kits, but not the Hobby Boss (the Academy version is not included here). Interestingly the execution of the first two F-22A sets is quite different in some areas as the images show. Also they make cockpit and exhaust sets for Hasegawa’s 1/72 F-16I SUFA (again not covered here).

Finally I make no representations regarding the accuracy of the sets. Such judgements on generally lie outside the time and scope of the ‘First Look” review format, and in my case with such modern subjects would take more time than I can offer. Given the ready availability of reference material and Aires reputation I would be surprised if there was much to complain about on this count however.


7252 F-16I SUFA Exhaust Nozzle, Recommended for Kinetic.



A stunning multi-piece set with PE flame-holder. The challenge will be in the painting, and if it wasn’t for the cockpit set listed below you’d spend all day looking up your model’s rear end!


7262 F-16I Cockpit Set, Recommended for Kinetic.


This set is awash with delicate detail, with comprehensive use of PE where appropriate. It should be enough to drag your eyes away from your F-16I SUFA’s exhaust nozzle.


7260 F-22A Raptor Cockpit, Recommended for Fujimi.



Very refined and beautifully executed.


7263 F-22A Raptor Cockpit, Recommended for Revell.


As with the Fujimi set, superbly rendered.


7261 ACES II Ejection Seat Late Version x 2.


Very nicely executed and suitable to enhance a wide range of types





There are no surprises here. All of the sets are of the highest production quality, and feature superbly delicate detail. The fairly comprehensive use of PE is sensible and lends added scale refinement where some other manufacturers would rely on resin castings alone. The price of this may be frayed nerves at times for someone like me, but the effort of getting these small parts in place will be worth it!

All of the above sets are highly recommended.

Thanks to Aires for the review samples..

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2011 by Mark Davies
Page Created 12 July, 2011
Last updated 12 July, 2011

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