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P-47D Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator Assemblies

Master Details, 1/32 scale

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Catalogue Numbers, Descriptions and Price:

Master Details Item No. 32028 - P-47D Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator Assemblies - USD$15.95

Alpha Precision Abrasions Modeler's Introductory Package - USD$6.99

Both available online from Master Details website



Contents & Media

Resin replacement parts.

Review Type:

First Look


P-47D Tail Surfaces - Excellent casting, accurate details, no casting blocks.

Alpha Abrasions - Great value and versatile selection of abrasive and polishing tools.


None noted.


This set would benefit anyone contemplating the large scale Hasegawa P-47s. 

Reviewed by Rafe Morrissey

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The 1/32 scale Hasegawa P-47 is a really nice kit in the box.  Their model is to provide a high quality basic model saving extra detailing for the aftermarket. 

That’s where the latest offering from Master Details comes in with a set of horizontal stabilizers and elevators.  Molded in light tan resin that is blemish free, this set is beautiful in its simplicity.  Contained in the bag are two horizontal stabilizers and two elevators, both are matched to allow a flawless fit. 



The set maintains Hasegawa’s unique interlocking system to ensure proper fit and alignment.  The set can be added with the minimal amount of superglue.  The same goes for the elevator, set the angle with just a touch of extra thin superglue and you’re done.  On the real aircraft, the elevators usually drooped when on the ground.  About the only thing that you will have to do is remove a few casting bumps and a minor amount of wafer thin flash from the parts. I was literally able to accomplish most of the cleanup with a few swipes with a toothbrush. I have only cleaned up the port parts so by comparing to the starboard side pieces, you can see how little work is really required.



Also included with the kit was a sample of a variety of sanding tools that Master Details is now carrying.  They offer sanding needles in three grits, 1/8” sanding files for tight areas and micro finishing cloths in 6 grit sizes from 3200-12,000 that are extremely helpful in preparing models for paint and fixing painting mistakes. 



All of these items would make useful additions to a modeler’s tool box and make parts cleanup on the tail surfaces a snap.



Cutting and reshaping my control surfaces can be a hassle and there’s always the chance of damaging the parts.  This eliminates that worry.  If time is money, this set is a great value compared to what it would take to do the work yourself, not to mention getting a superior result.





Both simple and inexpensive, this set would benefit anyone contemplating the large scale Hasegawa P-47s.  Don’t forget to check out their other detailing set for the Jug as well.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Master Details for the review sample.
For more information or to order, visit: www.masterdetails.com

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2011 by Rafe Mossissey
Page Created 4 July, 2011
Last updated 4 July, 2011

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