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Aermacchi MB 326
Detail Sets

for the Super Model / Italeri Kit

Pavla, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Aermacchi MB 326 Detail Sets for the Super Model / Italeri Kit:
C 72103 (Cockpit & Canopy Set)
S 72070 (2 x Ejector Seats)
V 72-85 (Canopy)



Contents & Media

C 72103 14 x resin parts & 1 x vac-form canopy.
S 72070  2 x resin seats
V 72-85  1 x vac-form canopy


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First Look


High quality production with good instructions where applicable.


None apparent.


Good quality components to enhance your Super Model or Italeri MB 326.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The only game in town for a 1/72 MB 326 that I’m aware of is the rather nice Super Model kit that has been re-boxed by Italeri.

It’s a reasonably old kit that builds very well, and fine raised panel lines aside, I think that most would find little to complain about. It has a good clear canopy with reasonable interior detail with ejection seats that even feature moulded belts.

However, with such a large canopy it is still an obvious contender for an improved cockpit interior.





Pavla Models is well known for their extensive range of resin seats, detail and conversion sets, as well as vac-form canopies. They have adopted a sensible and welcome approach to aircraft accessories by frequently offering different degrees of enhancement for the same kit. This is the case here, with the option of full cockpit set and canopy, or just a pair of seats and/or a canopy.



All of the resin is cast to high standards, with some fine detail evident. Clear instructions with paint call-outs area welcome feature of the cockpit set. The photos tell their own story.

I have little to add here, other than to say that the set will be a big improvement over the kit parts. The vac-form canopy will allow everything to be shown off to full effect. It comes as two pieces, which may force your hand to have the canopy open (a resin hydraulic strut to raise the canopy is included).

If you’re on a budget, or don’t need so much detail, you can buy just the seats and/or the canopy separately. The kit’s one-piece styrene canopy is very good, so for some just the resin seats will be enough.





These sets are very welcome improvements for the Super Model / Italeri MB 326: Definitely recommended.   

Thanks to Pavla Models for the review samples.

Review Text & Images Copyright © 2011 by Mark Davies
Page Created 8 September, 2011
Last updated 8 September, 2011

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