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Super Drawings in 3D No.10
The Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen

Kagero Publishing


S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number, Description and Publisher

The Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen
by Waldemar Goralski and Grzegorz Nowak.
Super Drawings in 3D



Contents & Media:

90 pages in the A4 format with a card cover plus separate 1/350th scale plans


Available online from Casemate Publishing for £18.99

Review Type:

First Look


Unbelievable detail in realistic colour.


The A/A armament configuration is for the late war only. Earlier armament is not shown.


Ideal for anyone building a model of this ship in any scale.

Reviewed by Glen Porter

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Kagero 3D books is a series with about ten titles so far covering warships from the turn of the century to end of World War Two. This book on the Prince Eugen is the second I have reviewed, the other being on the Russian early 1900s Cruiser Varyag. I am amazed at the level of detail these book offer.

The book begins with 12 Pages of text giving the history of the ship from launch to its final grounding on Enubuj Reef near Enubuj Island after the Bikini Atoll atom bomb tests in mid to late 1946. It also describes the fit of equipment, guns, boats, radar etc, at various times during its career although the artwork only shows it as it was at the end of the war. This text section of the book also has some overall side, plan and angled views of the ship.

The rest is given over to the artwork from every conceivable angle except below the hull looking up. In some cases rafts and boats or the aircraft are removed so you can see what is beyond them and showing the most intricate detail.

There is also a separate set of plans in 1/350th scale with port, starboard and plan views on one side plus front, rear and individual superstructures on the other. These plans look oversized but the math works out correctly, overall length of 212.5m divided by 350 gives 60.714 cm.





For anyone building the Trumpeter 1/350th or 1/700th scale kits or from any other manufacturer for that matter, this book will be a godsend with all the detail you could ask for. However, remember it is only shown in its equipment fit at wars end.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Casemate Publishing for this review sample.

Review Copyright 2011 by Glen Porter
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