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More Stars in the Sky

Iliad Design, 1/72

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Catalogue Number:

Iliad Design Item No. 72007 - More Stars in the Sky



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


US$12.00 from Iliad Designs

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Good colour saturation; perfect register; thin carrier film; excellent colour instruction sheet.




Highly Recommended

Reviewed by
Rodger Kelly

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Iliad Design, the Ottawa, Canada based producer of books, decals and aircraft colour charts has recently released two new decal sheets. 

72007 More Stars in the Sky is the second of these new sheets.  The sheet is a follow on from Iliad Design’s previous sheet, 72004 Stars in the Sky which provided markings for aircraft flown in or by celebrities.  72004 provided markings for two B-17s and two B-24s.  This sheet provides markings for a further four machines, a B-17, a B-24, a P-40N and an F-9F-5 Panther.



The details of each option area as follows:

  • B-24H Liberator serial number 41-29118, “NINE YANKS AND A JERK” belonging to the 703rd Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group.  The machine is in the standard World War Two United States Army Air Forces olive drab over neutral grey camouflage scheme and was reputedly flown in by the Hollywood movie star Jimmy Stewart.
  • B-17F-30 Flying Fortress serial number 42-5077 “DELTA REBEL No 2” of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group.  It is in the standard olive drab over neutral grey camouflage scheme and was one of the B-17s flown in by the Hollywood movie star Clark Gable during the making of the World War Two film about Army Air Force gunners.
  • P-40N Kittyhawk (serial number not stated) “MISS KATHLEEN II” of the 8th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group in New Guinea in the September of 1943.  The machine was flown by Lieutenant Dan David (who post-war changed his name to Dan Rowan and became the Rowan of the Martin and Rowan comedy duo famous for the early Laugh In television series.  The machine is in an olive drab over neutral grey camouflage scheme with a yellow spinner and white-tail South Pacific Theatre identity markings.
  • F-9F-5 Panther Bureau number 126109 assigned to VMF-311.  The machine was flown by baseball star Ted Williams in Korea.  The machine is finished in the then standard scheme adopted by the U.S. Navy of overall glossy sea blue.

There is no advice as to who the decals themselves were printed by but they are very well done indeed.  They are thin and have an absolute minimum of carrier film surrounding each subject.  The register on my sample sheet is perfect including the thin white outline to the name Kathleen for the P-40N option.

Each option is afforded its own set of national insignia as well as its own unique markings.  No stencil data is provided.



The placement guide is a single A-4 size page.  It shows full colour side profiles of each option on the front and full colour plan views of each option on the back.  The individual details of each option are fully explained within the captions accompanying the profiles.

The decal sheet and placement guide come packed in a clear plastic zip lock bag.

Another unique sheet from Iliad Design.  It provides you with excellent quality decals that are just crying out to be purchased by people who want to model to a theme.

Thanks to Iliad Design for the sample.

Review Copyright 2011 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 1 August, 2011
Last updated 1 August, 2011

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