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Headquarters Aircraft, 31st Pursuit Group, Carolina Maneuvers 1941

Yellow Wings Decals, 1/32 scale


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Catalogue Number and Description:

Yellow Wings Decals Item No. 32-031 - USAAC P-39D, Headquarters Aircraft, 31st Pursuit Group, Carolina Maneuvers 1941

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Decal sheet and comprehensive instructions
Price: USD$12.95 available online from Yellow Wings website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Comprehensive instructions; colour matches to Testor, Gunze and Tamiya model paint ranges; high quality printing of decals by Microscale
Conclusion: A well produced, quality product that includes detailed information on how to paint your model as well as how to apply the decals to produce the optimum result.

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

Yellow Wings Decals are available online from Squadron




Yellow Wings decals recently released a rash of new sheets that break from their normal theme of pre world war two U.S. Navy subjects.

Sticking with the pre war theme though this sheet provides complete markings for a single Bell P-39D Airacobra of the United States Army Air Corps’ 31 Pursuit Group.

The markings depict the machine as it appeared in 1941 when it was marked as an umpire aircraft during the Carolina “war games” of 1941.



The machine is in the standard camouflage scheme of the time comprising olive drab upper surfaces over neutral grey undersides.  That however is where the “standard” colours end as to make it more conspicuous befitting its role as an umpire aircraft its empennage has been painted yellow and it wears a bright green band around the rear fuselage.  The letters “UMP” are worn on both sides of the fuselage as well as the top right and bottom left hand side of the wings. 

Even more colour is worn in the form of a multi-coloured spinner which indicates that the aircraft was assigned to the Group headquarters.  Other markings include the Group’s shields on both sides of the fuselage as well as 31st Pursuit Group titles and “plane in squadron number” 4 on the nose and upper and lower surfaces of the wings. 



Being a complete marking set, the sheet carries national insignia, a pair of wing walks and large U.S. ARMY titles.   The green rear fuselage band as well as the multi coloured spinner are provided as decals.  No stencil data is provided and the notes on the placement guide advise you to use that supplied with the kit.

The decals themselves have been printed by Microscale and they are up to the high standards of this company.



Keeping with Yellow Wings Decals previous issues, the supporting information is very complete indeed.   You are provided with two A-4 size pages.  One page carries a three view coloured illustration of the machine to show decal placement as well as tabulated data on the P-39 on the front and a black and white photo of the actual machine on the back.  The other sheet carries detailed painting instructions which include information on the colours worn by the three squadrons that made up the 31st Pursuit Group, advice on the available model paint matches to olive drab and neutral grey as well as detailed instructions on how to apply the decals. 

The decals have been “sized” to fit the 1/32 scale Special Hobby kit.

The two placement guides and the decal sheet come packed in a clear plastic zip-loc bag along with a stiff cardboard header sheet to save the decals from being bent.

As usual, an excellent product from Yellow Wings Decals.

Thanks to Yellow Wings Decals for the review sample.

Review Copyright 2011 by Rodger Kelly
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Last updated 24 August, 2011

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