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B-17 Post War

Artwork by Juanita Franzi


The active service of the B-17 extended well beyond the WWII. Its not well know that many countries, such as the Dominican Republic and Portugal, took delivery of their B-17s during the early-1950s.

While Portugal used their aircraft for Search and Rescue and photo reconnaissance, the Dominican Republic reportedly ungraded at least one B-17G ('2301') back to full military capability.

Meanwhile the USAF were converting old B-17s for various roles including VIP transport and missile target drones (top profile).

The drones were not intended to be destroyed; they filmed the trajectory of missiles as they made a close passes.

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Image and Text Copyright 2020 by Juanita Franzi
Page Created 14 July, 2020
Last Updated 15 July, 2020

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