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Hypersonic Models
Accessory Roundup

Hypersonic Models, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number and Description:

HMR 48024 - T-38 Wheels late

HMR 48026 - A-6 Intruder Fin Tip

HMR 48031 - A-4B/C Nose Wheel Door


1/48 scale

Contents & Media

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HMR 48024 - T-38 Wheels late ¥1100/ GB£8.14/US$10.29


HMR 48026 - A-6 Intruder Fin Tip ¥700/GB£5.18/US$6.55


HMR 48031 - A-4B/C Nose Wheel Door ¥900/GB£6.66/US$8.42


plus shipping available online from Hypersonic Models website


and specialist hobby retailers worldwide

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Review Type:

First Look.


Clean, moulding with good details with each set. Corrects the inaccuracies of several different kits. 


The T-38 late wheel set will take a bit of work to change existing kit(s).


Two of these sets are a very quick replaced or fix which will correct 2 kits problems and the 3rd set with some work will certainly give greater detail for the wheels.

Reviewed by David Couche




Hypersonic is a relatively new modelling company and my previous review gave details of them. This time they have 3 sets of 1/48 resin correction parts to either replace inaccurate kits parts or the increase the degree of detail.


HMR 48024 - T-38 Wheels Late

The T-38 late wheel set consists of 11 grey resin parts. You are are given a set of main wheels and 2 separate brake hubs. The late type main wheels are punched and have different brake detail to the early type. Suitable for T-38A and T-38C and designed for the Wolfpack kit, but may fit other kits.



You are also supplied with an early and late style of nose wheel. The spares box will have one added to it. Hypersonic also provide you with tiny brake line plugs. With these you need to be aware to the carpet monster as they are prime candidates to go flying. This set will require you to do some modifications to the kit parts.


HMR 48026 - A-6 Intruder Fin Tip

This is a replacement resin fin tip for the HobbyBoss Intruder family.



The HB fin tip has the wrong shape and once you have noticed the error you can't ignore it any longer...the surface detail is slightly corrected and enhanced as well.



The required cut on the kit is fairly simple as it's along a panel line above the RHAW antenna fairing.


HMR 48031 - A-4B/C Nose Wheel Door

This is an accurate 1:48 nose wheel/gear door for early A-4 Skyhawk’s, such as A-4B and A-4C. Designed for Hasegawa kits.



Hypersonic’s set gives you the new nose wheel door and a detailed hydraulic opening and closing mechanism.



The door differs in a lot of detail from the kit supplied later type door. A very minor modification is required on the edge of the nose gear bay of the kit.


  • Hypersonic Models Accessory Review by David Couche: Image
  • Hypersonic Models Accessory Review by David Couche: Image
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All of these Hypersonic Models sets will certainly add some quality detail and accuracy to your models and 2 are simple replacements, the wheel set is a little more complex but certainly not beyond the beginner modeller.  It’s also nice to see further releases from a newer manufacturer of resin.

Highly recommended. 

Thanks to Hypersonic Models for the review samples.

Review Text Copyright 2020 by David Couche
Page Created 20 July, 2020
Last updated 21 July, 2020

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