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Mk 82 Snakeye Bombs with Mk15 Mod 4 Fin

North Star Models, 1/32 scale

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North Star Models Item No. NSP-32026-b  – Mk-82 Snakeye Bombs with Mk15 Mod 4 Fin




Contents & Media

48 grey resin parts, 12 photoetch parts, decals and instructions.


€22.50 plus shipping available online from North Star Models

or see their list of global distributors by clicking here.

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First Look.


High quality moulding with an excellent level of detail. Choices of extended fuses, normal fuses and penetration types.




An interesting set to add detail to the load out of your large jet aircraft..

Reviewed by David Couche

Eduard's 1/72 Avia B.534 IV serie Weekend Edition is available online from Squadron.com




The Mark 82 (Mk 82) is an unguided, low-drag general-purpose bomb, part of the United States Mark 80 series. The explosive filling is usually tritonal, though other compositions have sometimes been used.



With a nominal weight of 500 lb (227 kg), it is the one of the smallest in current service, and one of the most common air-dropped weapons in the world. Although the Mk 82's nominal weight is 500 lb (227 kg), its actual weight varies depending on its configuration, from 510 lb (232 kg) to 570 lb (259 kg). It is a streamlined steel casing containing 192 lb (89 kg) of Tritonal high explosive. The Mk 82 is offered with a variety of fin kits, fuses, and retarders for different purposes.

In low-level bombing, it is possible for the delivering aircraft to sustain damage from the blast and fragmentation effects of its own munitions since the aircraft and ordnance arrive at the target almost simultaneously. To address this issue, the standard Mk 82 General-Purpose bomb can be fitted with a special high-drag tail fin unit. In this configuration, it is referred to as the Mk 82 Snakeye.



The tail unit has four folded fins which spring open into a cruciform shape when the bomb is released. The fins increase the drag of the bomb, slowing its forward progress and allowing the delivery aircraft to safely pass over the target before the bomb explodes.





North Star has produced a full bag of beautifully cast resin parts, and I mean full. So full in fact that I couldn’t get it all back in after photographing and scanning so a larger zip lock bag was required.



There are 18 separate small bags, each with one of the cast blocks. Each bomb is made up of a bone piece body which is flaw free, a Mk15 Mod fin with lovely detail but has some wafer thin flash around the edges that will require a simple swipe with some abrasive paper to remove.



You then have a choice of fuse types. There a 4 options provided. Firstly, there is a standard short contact fuse, and extended fuse and the further choice of penetrating fuses, conical or the newer flatter version.



The parts are provided so you can do full sets of all types.



The small fret of photoetch has 12 parts on it providing the small spinning arming blade and the washer ring below it.



A small sheet of decals, printed by Begemot Co complete the contents with safety stripes, data stencils and the option to create practice bombs.



The instructions a clear and concise in regards to the construction of the bombs and even the placement of the decals.





North Star’s set of Mk 82 Snakeye bombs are a quality set of parts that will certainly give you a detailed loadout for your modern jets like the Phantoms, Intruders, Thunderchief’s and F-16’s etc. Well done North Star on both the quality and the options you have given, us the modellers. Highly recommended for the large scale fraternity.

Thanks to North Star Models for the review samples.

Review Text Copyright 2020 by David Couche
Page Created 26 March, 2020
Last updated 11 April, 2020

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