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F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet

includes the EA-18G Growler

Printed Book

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F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet - includes the EA-18G Growler

Haagen Klaus and Bert Kinzey.  Artwork by Rock Roszak

Detail & Scale Aviation Publication

ISBN: 978-1-6553306-9-8

Contents & Media:

Print format, though a digital edition also exists


Price: $19.99 for the Printed book, $12.99 for the digital version
available online from Detail & Scale Publications

Review Type:

First Read.


Well written and detailed; photos are first rate; profile artwork is the usual standard that you expect from Detail and Scale.




This is another great book from Detail and Scale.

Reviewed by Floyd S. Werner Jr.

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Detail & Scale have produced some of the best references for the model builder and detail fan for decades now.  Their latest is slightly different in that it is co-authored by Haagen Klaus and Bert Kinzey.  It is still illustrated by Rock Roszak so the quality that I’ve come to look for in their books is still there.

This is a review of the printed version of the book, which is available from Amazon, but the book is available in digital form as well. Detail & Scale originally published a book on the Super Hornet back in 2004 when the aircraft was still relatively new to squadron service.  The type has gone through various upgrades, including the addition of the EA-18G, since that book was published.  This is a perfect time to revisit the subject. 



As can be expected from D&S, this book is lavishly illustrated with color photos, many with shots taken expressly for this book.  The book has 102 pages of good quality paper and excellent color saturation inside of its softbound cover.  So, what is inside?  Let’s look.

After the introduction, the origins and development of this fleet fighter is covered, including the initial drawbacks of the original design.  Also included are the other fighters vying for the Super Hornet’s job.  The aircraft systems are looked at in the next chapter.  This is an area that excels from the previous D&S book.  There is a look at the airframe construction, radars, and weapons employed.  A chapter goes into the development of the EA-18G Growler which is significantly different than the fighter/attack variant.  Flight testing and Operational History of all three variants are covered as well.  Particularly interesting is the “pylon toe” that angled the wing pylons.  The deployment of the Super Hornet in support of Operations Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and Odyssey Dawn is provided.  A small section covers the Australian acquisition of the Super Hornet.



Development was the key to the Super Hornet’s rebuild.  The future of the aircraft is covered in a separate chapter, including the (in my opinion) ugly conformal fuel tanks. 

We move right into the Gallery, and for the model builder this is a plethora of inspiration.  Everything from CAG birds to some plain jane unit grey markings.  If you can’t find an aircraft that you like in here, you aren’t likely to.  A special page is dedicated to the sole Super Hornet Sukhoi Killer from 2017, which shot down an Su-22 of the Syrian Air Force.  There is a separate gallery for the EA-18G.

Then we come into the meat and potatoes for a modeler, the Details section.  The cockpit of all the variants is covered, including the different block numbers as there are significant differences between them.  Aircrew flight gear, including both styles of helmets, is also included so if you have a figure to paint up you are not forgotten.  Then the rest of the airframe is photographed in a walk around style.  The radar, the cannon, literally everything you’d need to detail out your Super Hornet is included.  Like a preflight they start at the nose and work their way back to the tail.  Wanna fold the wings on your model?  There is an excellent section on that as well.  I found the differences in the exhaust nozzles to be very interesting.  I don’t think you can go wrong.  All the external stores are covered, including the pylons and what goes on them.  Where the EA-18G differs from the fighter variants is also covered. 


  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
  • F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super Hornet in Detail and Scale Book Review by Floyd S. Werner Jr.: Image
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Then the section of the book that I turn to first, the Modeler’s Section.  Long before it was cool to include this Detail & Scale included this section to dissect each model.  This one is no different.  It covers 1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/48th, and 1/32nd.  I like the no nonsense approach and critique each model gets and the built-up examples are always inspirational. 





I’m not sure if this is Klaus’ first book but I sincerely hope it isn’t his last.  The text is easy to read, the photographs are second to none with many taken just for this book, the drawings are first rate (as always) and the modeler section is wonderful.  I don’t think you can ask for more in a reference book.  There is plenty of information if you want to super detail or just get it right.  This book is another winner from Detail & Scale.

Thanks to Detail & Scale or the sample.

Review Copyright 2020 by Floyd S. Werner Jr.
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Last updated 9 June, 2020

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