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Bronco 1/72 scale Preview
PLA Air Force J-20 “Mighty Dragon” Stealth Fighter





Bronco has sent images and information about their next aircraft kit release - a 1/72 scale PLA Air Force J-20 “Mighty Dragon” stealth fighter:

In 2017 the Chinese J-20 became the third "Stealth Fighter" to enter service, after the American F-22 (2005) and F-35 (2015). Currently 20 aircraft of the first production batch are undergoing combat training and evaluation with the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force, 9th Air Brigade at the Wuhu Air Base at Anhui.



The PLAAF claim that the aircraft is an air superiority fighter with precision strike capability, however it is a very large aircraft similar in size to the Russian Su-24M bomber.

The J-20 or Mighty Dragon, is manufactured by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation and made its first flight in January 2011. Little information has been released on the aircraft's capabilities, but it is estimated that the speed will be around Mach 2 or 2,230 kp/h, and a range of 6,000 Kilometers with the current WS-10B engines of 33,000 lbs thrust with reheat.

The J-20 has 6 x internal weapons bays for both long and short range AAM's, while other weapons and fuel tank can be carried on 4 x external hardpoints on the wings. Its possible use is as a long range missile launching platform using its stealth capability to avoid enemy defenses. The J-20 is scheduled to have up-rated Shenyang WS-15 engines of greater thrust of up to 40,000 lbs with reheat in the near future. The empty weight of the aircraft is given as 19 tons and maximum loaded weight of 37 tons.


  • Bronco J-20 Preview: Image
  • Bronco J-20 Preview: Image
  • Bronco J-20 Preview: Image
  • Bronco J-20 Preview: Image
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Weapons will include PL-10 short rang AAM, PL -12 medium range AAM and PL-15 or PL-21 long range AAM's, it is expected to carry two of each type internally. It can also carry the LS-6 precision guided bomb for ground attack. So far 8 prototypes and 20 production aircraft are flying.

In August 2019 the PLAAF announced that the J-20 would become China's primary fighter, beating the rival FC-31. However its large size may prove difficult for operations on the new Shandong Class Aircraft Carrier, one of its intended roles.

Thanks to Bronco for the information and images.

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